GDEM Data Use

- Intended users
GDEM data will be distributed to any users (individual/organization) who conduct work or research in 9 societal benefit areas (disaster, health, energy, climate, weather, ecosystem, agriculture, and biodiversity) defined by GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of System).
GEOSS is an ambitious international project involving approximately 60 nations including the G8 member states (Japan included) and approximately 30 international organizations, aiming to establish within 10 years a comprehensive global-scale system that coordinates various existing and future observation facilities such as satellites and ground stations. This project is anticipated to provide valuable information for policy makers.

- Price
GDEM data will be provided free of charge to the users who utilize the data for the above purposes.

- User Registration and Login
To obtain ASTER GDEM data, register on ASTER GDEM Distribution site.

- Conditions of ASTER GDEM use
When registering, it is required to agree to the conditions of data use(Agreement for GDEM distribution and data use), such as prohibition of secondary distribution of GDEM original data, credit title obligation in the case of displaying GDEM original data or the products produced by GDEM on Internet, scientific journal or any other publications.
Follow the below instructions on credit title.
To display in the image
"ASTER GDEM is a product of METI and NASA"
To include in writing
Clearly describe that the original data of ASTER GDEM is the property of METI and NASA.

- Immunity
Because there are known inaccuracies and artifacts in the data set, please use the product with awareness of its limitations.
The data are provided "as is" and neither NASA nor METI/Japan Space Systems will be responsible for any damages resulting from use of the data.