Outline of ASTWBD
* ASTWBD shows the water area and its elevation with the same area and format as GDEM.
* The water area are classified to sea, lake and river.
Format of ASTWBD
File Name(Example of N35~36,E135~136) ASTWBDV001_N35E135_dem.tif ASTWBDV001_N35E135_att.tif
Elevation of waterbody Classification of waterbody
Output format GeoTIFF, signed 16 bits GeoTIFF, unsigned 8 bits
Geographic coordinates Geographic latitude and longitude
Tile Size 3601-by-3601 pixels (1-by-1 degree)
Posting interval 1 arc-second
DN values 1m/DN referenced to the WGS84/EGM96 geoid-9999 for land and void pixels, and 0 for sea water body Land:0, Sea:1, River:2, Lake:3
Coverage North 83 degrees to south 83 degrees, 22,886 tiles
(1-by-1 degree) without tile shows ocean area
*The detail is described in User Guide.